Saturday, October 17, 2009

Stock Watchlists Released!

Our developer team is constantly listening to your emails, and building tools to make your life easier.

Based on feedback, we just released watchlists. This allows you to easily track a group of stocks. Depending on how this is received, we may integrate it deeper into our service and offer email notifications.

Anyways, if you have any more feedback, feel free to contact us here:

Saturday, October 10, 2009

New Stock Modules!

We're trying out some new UX for our Stock Picks Page.
Now you can see our best stock picks sorted by "Most Traded", "Most Held", "Most Shorted", and "Most Tracked". You can also see our predictions for short-term to long-term.
Same for our Recent Stock Picks

Click here to play with the new modules

Hope you Enjoy!

The Trader Bots Team

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Recent Stock Predictions

We currently show you our best stock picks:

Then, we heard from you that you wanted the ability to see the latest changes in our stock predictions. We listened, and so our developers created this:

Enjoy, and keep the feedback coming.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Homepage

We just launched a new homepage design. Let us know what you think. Click Here

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Trader Bots Release v3.0

The TraderBots team has been working hard on a number of features that we released today:

  1. Stock Experts - Sometimes our users just want to know how our algorithms think about a stock on its own and not compared to a basket of stocks. We heard you and released "Stock Experts" that are trained to analyze only one stock:
  2. Stock Baskets - Our original specialty was when given a group or "basket" of stocks, our algorithms would figure out how to squeeze out the most profit while minimizing risk. Now you can browse our current selection of "Stock Baskets." As we grow our systems, we'll be constantly adding more, and also they usually represent stock sectors. Check it out here:
  3. More Predictions - We saw a lot of people wanting a prediciton on Citigroup (; however, most of our systems stayed away from Citigroup. The reason is because they saw better profit/risk profiles elsewhere. Now that we've released more systems, we have a healthy number of systems trading all stocks we track.
  4. More Stocks - We now actively follow around 272 stocks. Our goal is to reach 10,000 stocks; however, we need to scale out our platform to handle that. Let's just say, it gets expensive.
  5. More Trading Systems - We used to have a little under 600 trading systems operating in our cloud. Now we have about 9,428 trading systems working hard to analyze the market.
Our team hopes you enjoy the features. We have a couple of things cooking right now. Hoping to get our systems to compute faster, and scale out our backends to support more systems and stocks. We'll also be releasing memberships soon (so we can keep the lights on, and buy more equipment). Stay tuned.

And we didn't really blog about our last release, so to update you on the features we released last time

  1. Private Beta Waiting List - Some of you contacted us wanting to know how to get on the private beta. Currently, we're releasing that to only family and friends as we try to scale it up and get feedback. However, when we do open it up more, sign up to be notified:
  2. Global Market Predictions - Sometimes the best opportunities aren't always in the US. Since we trade internationally, our team found it useful to have a page that gave us a general feel of the international market:
  3. Dynamic Charts - All of our Trading Systems and Stock Experts have dynamic charts. You can use the charts to see how a system performed vs the S&P 500 over the course of one, two, three, or five year periods. You can also see how it performed in every year from 2004-2009. Check it out here:
  4. All Stocks Page - We released a page where you can easily see all the stock that Trader Bots follows:
  5. More Algorithms - We released more technical algorithms to analyze the market. I think we increased the number of algortihms by 10%.
  6. More Stocks - We now track ~20% more stocks than we did before.
  7. Company Names - Some of our users got confused. What's "GOOG"? Now a lot of our pages also mention the actual company names
  8. Top System Last Month - Some of our users wondered what systems are doing well recently? So we released "Top Portfolio Last Month":

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Created a Twitter Account

Hey All -

You can follow recent activity on twitter:

Trader Bots is going Beta!

Giving this blog a test drive. We're going Beta!